Software Platform Architect
  • Orient Plads 1, 2150 Nordhavn

This position is at Terma in Søborg. 

About Terma

Terma is a high-tech and innovative organization that provides mission-critical solutions for the defense and aerospace industry. Terma develops products and systems for defense, non-defense, and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft and vessels, space technology, and aerostructures for the aircraft industry. The company is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, but you would be assigned to their office in Søborg. Internationally, it has subsidiaries and operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and the U.S. Their overarching purpose is to deliver security for countries, alliances, critical infrastructure, and individuals utilizing advanced technologies. Their systems provide security for people and critical infrastructure on land, at sea, and in the air. In space, Terma is engaged in reaching new frontiers and enabling people on our planet to deal with new and upcoming challenges. Terma is owned by Thomas B Thriges foundation, which reinvests almost the entire profit in Terma every year.

About the Department

The C2 organization counts 130 highly engaged colleagues, who are located at the two DK sites: Lystrup and Søborg. Within the C2 organization in Søborg, Terma works in stable, interdisciplinary, and self-managed Scrum teams based on agile principles. The C2 organization is mainly responsible for Terma’s Command and Control (C2) Naval system – C-Flex – that provides situational awareness for surveillance, maritime safety, and combat purposes at sea. The department also supports the development of land- and air-based C2 systems, primarily developed in Lystrup. However, the two departments have a close collaboration. In the department, Terma values a healthy work-life balance, so following the onboarding process, employees have the flexibility to work remotely for two days each week. However, most team members choose to be present at the office throughout the workweek due to the welcoming and enjoyable environment. It’s worth noting that when working on classified projects, remote work may not be available during those specific periods.

The position as a Software Platform Architect

As a Software Platform Architect, you will work closely together with other members of the Architect Team as well as with Scrum-based teams across the organization. You will have the technical responsibility for the architectural design of Terma’s mission-critical applications, considering all aspects related to the software development including performance, reliability, modularity, and maintainability. This position offers unique aspects that may align with your career goals. As a Software Platform Architect at Terma, you will work on complex systems, with a strong emphasis on professional expertise. Terma provides a diverse environment for collaboration with talented colleagues. Additionally, they operate within the expansive defense and aerospace industry, which offers distinctive challenges and opportunities for growth. You will report directly to the vice president of the Technology & Innovation C2 organization. Terma also offers a professional development program for more junior colleagues, called the Jedi Knight Program. The Jedi Knight Program is a current professional development initiative comprising four participating Jedis at the moment. This program is designed to provide individuals with a practical and enriching experience to further their professional growth. So, in the role of Software Platform Architect, you will also offer sparring and direction to the four Jedi’s. Travel to the headquarters in Lystrup will be an integral part of the role, occurring approximately every other week.

Responsibilities as a Software Platform ArchitectExamples of areas of responsibility:

  • Technical leadership and guidance of teams implementing mission-critical software systems across different applications.
  • Architectural design and implementation of software following professional, modern software engineering principles.
  • Taking ownership in strengthening their work methods and improving their development toolchain in close cooperation with C2 Line Management.
  • Creating technical documentation, including architectural and software design documentation, interface control documents, and design justification documentation.
  • Contributing to ensuring implementation and delivery of software to schedule and required quality.

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