Skilled Workers for Healthcare and Elderly Care, Lolland Municipality, Denmark
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  • Søndre Boulevard 84, 4930 Maribo
1,2Do you want to work in the Elderly and Healthcare Sector in a welfare state where mutual trust between citizen, employee and manager is paramount? Where the work-life balance is among the best in the world and where all employees have possibility for continuing education and professional development? 

We offer meaningful job and beautiful surroundings to settle in

Lolland Municipality is looking for skilled elderly care and healthcare professionals with the will and ability to relocate to Denmark, learn the Danish language and take on important and responsible tasks in our home care and care centre teams. 

You will begin by joining a group of international newcomers and an extensive onboarding programme with Danish language course, relocation support and introductions to the workplace and to the local area. All this, to help you settle in and to prepare you for your new work and life on Lolland.

Lolland is a lovely place to live and work, a scenic island in southern Denmark. With only an hour and a half drive to Copenhagen, you can easily visit the capital whenever you want - and at the same time benefit from the much lower housing costs in Lolland. The area is developing rapidly, not least because of the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel to Germany, along with a growing international community in Lolland. 

We meet the citizens at eye level

Your work will take place in a care center, or as home care in private homes. In either case you will work on the principle of 'helping people to help themselves', because being as self-reliant as possible increases the quality of life of the citizens. A concrete example of this could be training citizens who have just been discharged from a hospital to manage bathing and personal care on their own. You strive to give citizens content in everyday life by knowing their life story and talking to them about their good memories - so humanity and inclusiveness towards the citizen's way of living is important. At the care centers too, you seek to create a homely environment with meaningful activities. 

See videos with a glimpse of the daily work in the Elderly and Healthcare Sector here:

Applicants with different educational backgrounds are welcome

Lolland Municipality invites applications from healthcare professionals with basic theoretical insight into and practical experience in elderly care and geriatrics. Content of education programmes varies greatly across European countries, and therefore we do not demand aspecific educational background. Several types of education may be relevant to us. It could be profiles such as “Técnico en Cuidados Auxiliares de Enfermería” (Spain), “Assistente Sanitario” or “Operatore Socio Sanitorio” (Italy), “Slaugytojo Padejojo” (Lithuania), “Opiekun Medyczny” (Poland), “Altenpfleger(in)” (Germany), “Voorbereidend Beroepsonderwijs, Verzorging” (Netherlands), “BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Health and Social Care” (United Kingdom), etc. The important thing is that you have knowledge about anatomy, hygiene, infection prevention, nutrition, and health promotion. In addition, you must have practical experience in providing personal help and establishing good relationships with the people you support. 

Individually planned competence development and tasks that match your experience

Based on your skills and practical experience, we offer individually tailored competence development or formal education, which may take place over a shorter or longer period. You will gradually be introduced to the Elderly and Healthcare Sector and perform tasks of various kinds that match your experience. It could be tasks within personal care and care and practical help for citizens with physical or mental disabilities. In this connection, you will learn to use welfare technology and digital aids of various kinds. It can also be about supporting citizens' rehabilitation and advising their relatives – and, of course, contributing to a meaningful everyday life through conversations.

Requirements and expectations 
  • You have education and training in elderly care and healthcare.
  • You have practical experience in providing personal help within elderly care.
  • You are willing and able to learn Danish. After two years in Denmark, you are expected to be able to complete the official Danish language course for newly arrived adult foreign nationals. 
  • You are motivated to learn and comply with our approach and ways of working in the Elderly and Healthcare Sector. 
  • You can work both independently and in teams.
  • You have good relational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • You are responsible and honest, empathic and caring, persistent and resilient.
  • You are good at English (approx. level B1 is needed).
  • You have a valid driving license (category B) and can ride a bicycle.
  • You must be a citizen of an EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or a Nordic country, or hold another valid work and residence permit for Denmark.
  • You must present a criminal record. 

Salary and terms of employment 

Working hours are on average 37 hours per week or by appointment. You will work rotating shifts. Salaries are regulated by the Danish collective agreements. The basic salary depends on your level of formal qualifications, experience, and competences. As skilled carer your net salary at the time of hiring will be approx. EUR 2,100 per month, plus pension and paid vacation. 

Language course, accommodation, and future life in Lolland – maybe together with your partner? 

Before you start your employment in Denmark, you must acquire basic Danish language skills. Lolland Municipality provides an online language course two evenings a week for twelve weeks from the end of May till start September. 

The first four months of your employment, you and your group of international newcomers will continue the Danish course and take part of various onboarding activities on a full-time basis. Afterwards, you will start working in your new team and complete the language course on part-time. 

Lolland Municipality offers information and assistance to ease your relocation, e.g., facilitate the initial registrations and help to find housing. 

If you have a partner and/or children, a relocation requires careful consideration, and we are committed to ensuring that the move is successful for everyone. Public schools for children and youngsters are free of cost and are used to receive internationals. Depending on the language skills and profession your partner too will have fair opportunities for finding a job on Lolland or within commuting distance. Please contact us to learn more about job perspectives and sectors in demand of employees. We offer free Danish language course for partners and are happy to advise on job search and settlement opportunities

Need more information?

On this link you can read more about salary and working conditions, onboarding and language course, etc:

We recommend that you find out more about living in Denmark on and that you read more about Lolland on
If you have questions, please feel free to contact our international consultant, Martina Mostad, +45 2399 5936,

We look forward to seeing you

Do you have the courage to jump into something new, get to know a country and another culture and – not least – do a meaningful job with people who appreciate you? We are ready to help and look forward to seeing you. 

Submit your application

To apply, please:
  • Follow the link to our recruitment portal under "Apply" on Skilled Workers for Healthcare and Elderly Care in Denmark - (
  • Fill out the application form. 
  • Upload a short cover letter on why you want to move to Lolland and take up a job in the Elderly and Healthcare Sector. In the application form, you can choose to record or upload a video to supplement the cover letter.
  • Upload your CV showing your educational background and your experiences with working with elderly people.
  • Upload other relevant documents.
  • Submit your application by clicking the apply button.

Your application must be written in English. Last day for submission will be 21st of April 2024. 

You will receive response to your application via email. We hold ongoing interviews (online). Tests may be part of the recruitment process. 

All applicants who continue through the process are invited to visit Lolland Municipality in first days of May 2024. If selected for a job, we expect you to start your employment in Lolland Municipality on the 16th of September 2024.