very experienced dishwasher

very experienced dishwasher
  • Jægergårdsgade 65, 8000 Aarhus C

EU citizenship people only with or  folks in progress of getting cpr


we are looking for a experienced dishwasher.  ( that means you must have been working as a dishwasher in a restaurant for at least 3 years and not only at home with your mom ) . 

its a VERY hard job - so if you havent tried before, dont apply.

everyday 18.00 to appx 24.00 / weekends 02


you must be able to remember where to put clean plates, also tomorrow and the day after - you must be able to think " that floor looks a bit dirty, i will wash that also and earn more money"  - you must be able to "see" if a wall is dirty and think for your self  " hey i will wash that"  - 


most of our guys ends up working in the kithcen or as a waiter in time, thats why we need new. - ( but if you only want dishwashing , its fine) 

our team is smiling and having fun even if we are busy - we expect the same of you. 


we are a group of people from 16 contrys = Italy, Spain, France, argentina, etc..  and Danish people so we speak english in the kitchen,. - ( you must speak english) 

most easy contrys to get a job is people from 


we are looking for a full time dishwasher - that means 4-5 days a week. / salary will be acording to it.


@ write in the application "full time dishwasher" 



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