floor manager for our restaurant/bar

floor manager for our restaurant/bar
  • Jægergårdsgade 65, 8000 Aarhus C

att guys and girls ind and arround the world –  only EUROPASS or people that can work in Denmark. - 


we are looking for a floor manager that can have an eye on every table , plate that comes out of the kitchen and the staff under you.



I urge you to go to Instagram and Facebook and get a good feel for Klassisk 65, bistrot & vinbar and Bar´ Habla. + barlokal_aarhus     ( in aarhus denmark )We want you to read about us and see photos of what type of service we do, to get a feel for the atmosphere and the culture we have.

And when you are fully aware of our uniqueness – and if you are still interested in joining us, then please get back to us on e-mail,  info@jobsaka.dk confirming your interest.


Here’s a bit more about us

We are 3 - small and very close restaurants that are quite busy. Guests are plenty and they are expecting good food/wine and our unique service.

We are working as an international team which means, that we have people from Italy, France, UK, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia, DK ….


Our spoken language is English with a touch of dialect, charming and very relaxed.

We don’t really mind where you are coming from as long as you have a big and clean smile, are outgoing, service minded, a good helpful colleague, willing to learn new stuff and can move fast.

We are strict in our work ethic, we do not accept any yelling and stress in the restaurants, even when its full with people! We have fun, help out each other and work faster – it’s our motto.

besides a good floor manager with extra pondus and power then most people we are also looking for the following staff=

Experienced chefs, that have years behind a stow and is use to busy and high pressure service. You are able to keep calm, move fast and make nice food – also when everything is hectic around you.

Kitchen help, that have experience working in kitchens, helping out with prep for service as well as helping out as a waiter. You are willing to do a lot of helpful stuff when getting ready for service.

Waiters that have experience, with a positive and charming attitude as well as knowledge about wine/attentive guest service. You are outgoing, striving to give our guests a good and attentive service, self-motivated and with a good spirit/mood.

Experienced dishwashers, which means you must have tried it before, not only at your moms house *:-) You know how to organise in chaos, you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty and you can move fast when needed. Our dishwashers are an important part of service, and you are an important and highly appreciated link between ´kitchen´ and ´floor´.


please send a e-mail with your application and a photo.


International students that only can work 20 hours a week is also welcome.




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