Do you want to contribute to groundbreaking research results by developing high-end instrumentation?

Do you want to contribute to groundbreaking research results by developing high-end instrumentation?
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We are looking for two innovative mechanical engineers!
Right now, you have a unique opportunity to join the talented engineering team at JJ X-Ray in Hørsholm and design state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation for Big Science Facilities all over the world.

Are you up for the challenge?

Design at a high level

  • At JJ X-Ray they work with nano-scale resolution as well as moving mechanics under extreme conditions such as ultra-high vacuum, high heat load and radiation environments.
  • You will be responsible for contributing to High-end Mechanical design and construction of instruments with extremely fine tolerances and motions.

Be part of the projects from start to finish

  • As an engineer at JJ X-Ray you contribute throughout the projects – from public tenders to design and manufacturing, assembly, test and delivery.

Communicate directly with customers

  • You will also communicate directly with customers through design meetings, writing of technical reports, descriptions and documentation.

Perform Finite Elements Analysis (only required for one of the engineers)

You will perform finite element analysis (FEA), to simulate and predict the behavior of structures, components and systems under various conditions such as mechanical load, thermal changes and vibration.

What do we require from you?

  • A relevant education within mechanical design and construction e.g., Graduate in Production Technology or a degree in Mechanical engineering
  • Experience with 3D mechanical design in Inventor or similar
  • Experience with the design of moving mechanical systems
  • You have a permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written. The internal language is both Danish and English, but there is no requirement to master Danish
  • One of their new mechanical engineers must have experience with Finite Element Methods. (They use ANSYS or COMSOL)

On the personal side, we expect that you:

  • Are excited about designing advanced mechanical systems in the forefront of the technical development
  • Have a natural attention to detail to ensure that your designs, drawings and analysis are precise
  • Are creative and think outside the box to tackle unique problems, optimize designs, and introduce novel concepts that enhance product performance and functionality
  • Communicate effectively to foster teamwork, ensure project alignment, and facilitate successful project outcomes
  • Strive for high quality every time
  • Take responsibility for the process with a strong focus on meeting the deadlines.

Join JJ X-Ray

JJ X-Ray is situated in Hørsholm and has, since 1995, developed highly specialized components and assemblies for scientific x-ray, synchrotron, radiation and neutron instrumentation. This includes micro- or even nano-precision moving mechanics under extreme conditions such as ultrahigh vacuum, high head load and radiation environments.

Become part of an innovative and inspiring work environment

At JJ-X-Ray you will join a team of 25 highly skilled and innovative engineers, physicists and technicians.

They involve everyone in the projects from start to end and focus on helping each other for the optimal progress.

Go for a run during the day…

They also offer a healthy and attractive environment, where you are free to plan your day as you see fit. Do you work more efficient after a run, walk or a mountain bike ride in the beautiful surroundings – you are free to do that. They offer freedom with responsibility.

Focus on both professional and personal development.

At JJ X-Ray, they share a passion for developing mechanical instruments, that will facilitate groundbreaking research results in synchrotron radiation, neutron scattering communities and Big Science Facilities all over the world.

Over the years, JJ X-Rays product portfolio has expanded significantly in close collaboration with their expert customers and through their own R&D projects.

They are dedicated to deliver absolute state-of-the-art scientific instrument, along with great design of all their products.

We need you to contribute and play an important role in this development.

Here's what you future colleagues say about working at JJ X-Ray:

"At JJ X-Ray, we are involved in the projects from start to finish and also have a close collaboration with the technicians during the assembly period. That is a great advantage for me, because I learn a lot from seeing the product come to life and that makes me a better design engineer.”

"I love working at JJ X-Ray because there is a respectful and warm tone among my colleagues, and we have creative freedom as long as we deliver the results as promised.”

Have we caught your interest?

If you are interested in becoming part of the JJ X-Ray team, please do not hesitate to click on the "APPLY" button and upload your resume and application as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Senior Recruitment Consultants Birgitte Carlsen at 4144 0925 or mail:

Actief Teknik Bureauet is responsible for the recruitment process, and all inquiries should therefore be directed to us. We process applications and invite candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis, so please feel free to send your application today.

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