chef full time

chef full time
  • Jægergårdsgade 65, 8000 Aarhus C

EU citizenship people only 

  1. We are looking for a skilled chef with energi and huge smile. persons who can take responsibility and want to help develop our kitchen/front of house - we are a team of more than 40 employees who are passionate about the profession. - we are a mixed country store with people from France, Italy, Aalborg, Bulgaria = our daily dialogue is English (some a bit ruff but a Hollandaise is damn a Hollandaise everywhere) It is a must that you are creative, can cope when a table becomes 11 pax instead of 9 and can think "yes damn, we will put one person at the end of the table" and have a fair knowledge of the classic cuisine + wines. Tattoos, variegated trousers, straight hair, no hair, A, B, C, D bowls, flip beard, mustache, too much beard. - All this is fine enough, as long as you are hospitable, we only use open kitchen (and do not have a waiter buffet you can hide in) so there will be a lot of guest contact, and then you should have a twinkle in the eye. * our team are healthy people, ie if you have an alcohol problem or take drugs then you do not need to apply to us, you must be able to take care of your guests and not report sick on time and untimely due to hangovers and you can not find out that meet on time. We appriciate good food, wine and laughter. It is a must that you have a good knowledge of wine and food (as long as you like it, we will help you get better so no worries if you have a basic knowledge ) we are happy to pair wine and food. Furthermore, you are expected to want to share your knowledge and experience with our students. * you will learn to be included in item orders, daily accounts for kitchen / restaurant (2 minutes while making accounts / mis), and must be able to tumble with 9 luxury smiling waiters on a busy Friday night and 3-4 chefs / students in the kitchen ( and still have smiled on and an overview) ... if you have not tried it before but are newly trained then it is no problem, we will probably help you and teach you. Best regards The team at Classic 65, Bar ’Habla + soon a baby new shop. ** You do not need to submit an application if you: oversleeps every Saturday / has to go to court often / needs a babysitter every other day / did not reach the bus every other day / has flat tires every Monday / can not do without your mobile during the working day / think you have to drink 5cola every day / need to see if your boyfriend has written an sms every 10 minutes / is the kind of person who is born an expert and does not need training or advice after the first day /
    - must be able to talk and work at the same time - must be able to remember to return after lunch - must not count on a pat on the shoulder and a gold medal to show up on time every day. if you qualify, send me an e-mail.
    please check out our instagram /facebook and see what kind of stuff we do .. = klassisk bistro and bar habla ( they are in aarhus, denmark) *you must be able to get a cpr and working permit in Denmark , we can help with the progress // for the right person we will help all we can to provide/help with accommodation .

please note that its very hard to get a working permit in denmark and its most easy if you come from 

Belgien, Bulgarien, Cypern, Estland, Finland, Frankrig, Grækenland, Irland, Italien, Kroatien, Letland, Litauen, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederlandene, Polen, Portugal, Rumænien, Slovakiet, Slovenien, Spanien, Sverige, Tjekkiet, Tyskland, Ungarn og Østrig – og Danmark

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