betterpeople A/S is searching for a Head of Business Applications on behalf of BioMar Group

betterpeople A/S is searching for a Head of Business Applications on behalf of BioMar Group
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As Head of Business Applications at BioMar Group, you will play an essential role in executing the strategic direction set for investments, ensuring a seamless alignment. Your primary responsibility will be to manage and coordinate BioMar Group’s IT Portfolio in an organized manner, ensuring that projects are not only approved but also effectively managed within the constraints of resources and funding.

betterpeople A/S is looking for a Head of Business Applications on behalf of BioMar Group.

BioMar Group
BioMar was founded by a group of ambitious Danish fish farmers in 1962 and specializes in producing healthy, environmentally friendly feed designed to maximise health and growth in fish farming worldwide. From their humble beginnings in Denmark, they now employ over 1700 people in 13 countries - and they are still growing.

BioMar Group maintains a steadfast commitment to the development and distribution of efficient, sustainable, and healthful feed solutions tailored to the aquaculture industry. Innovation and strategic partnerships serve as the cornerstones of their operational ethos, and they take pride in the fact that their exceptionally skilled workforce shares their enduring dedication.

Currently, they operate 17 feed factories located in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Ecuador, Australia, and Costa Rica. Worldwide, they supply feed to around 90 countries and for more than 45 different species.

Moreover, they are wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

A proactive analytical planner with a strategic overview
As Head of Business Applications, you will play a pivotal role in demonstrating the value of IT in the organisation. BioMar Group is located in Aarhus C.

In this role, your strategic foresight is vital for planning, anticipating resource availability, and ensuring efficient project prioritization. Orchestrating projects within BioMar Group’s IT Portfolio, your focus is on achieving objectives with lower costs through efficient resource utilization and stakeholder engagement.

As a proactive Head of Business Applications, you'll plan and execute Change Management activities, aligning them with project phases. You possess analytical skills as your tasks include identifying solutions and analyzing requirements, ensuring alignment with enterprise strategic goals.

In collaboration with stakeholders, you will review feasible options, analyze costs and benefits, and gain approval for proposed solutions. Your goal is to actively capture Ideas & IT demand, prioritizing to create a well-ordered project portfolio and optimizing value contribution to the business. Managing service adoption and monitoring achievements will be key in providing vital management information for performance.

Experience with IT strategy and a systematic mindset
The ideal candidate for the Head of Business Applications position has an educational background in IT, Business, or a related field and has proven experience in a comparable role. A robust understanding of IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Change Management is essential, showcasing your strategic mindset. Your excellent project management and organizational skills will be pivotal in orchestrating diverse projects within the portfolio.

As a candidate, you should possess the ability to analyze requirements and adeptly coordinate with stakeholders, ensuring a seamless integration of perspectives. Familiarity with development methodologies and documentation standards is a prerequisite, emphasizing the need for a well-structured and systematic approach. Your effective communication and stakeholder management skills will be key in facilitating collaboration and ensuring project success.

Innovation and dedication
BioMar Group is a company grounded in values such as innovation, sustainability, and passion. The company is powered by dedicated individuals, all contributing to the growth and success of the organisation. As a Head of Business Applications at BioMar Group, you will become a part of a culture that fosters mutual support and assistance, where everyone actively participates in each other's wellbeing and development, regardless of nationality.

Apply for the job if you are motivated to become a part of an organisation driven by innovation and sustainability, and where you will take part in a global growth journey.

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