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About our game We are developing a prototype of a digital educational card game in a historical/ mythological universe. The aim is to inspire learning of history and other subjects. the upcoming game is in pre production. The player will be taking charge of a civilization that will go through history. Letting you experience what happened in the past according to historical records. Decisions making and dilemmas open for an engaging gameplay. While diplomacy, trade and wars are bound to start conflicts. This innovative game sees characters in cards moving combat on a grid format. The inspiration comes from: Magic, Civilizations, Age of Empires and Heroes. Details Remote part time position in a startup, we all work here and enjoy the experience. Currently we don’t have any money. Payment will happen after the game is sold or reaches founding. Responsibilities We are looking for a 2d artist to make our 2D graphics in our card game, you will make illustrations of the fantasy-mythological creatures, soldiers, ancient war scenes, various items and the like Your main task is drawing the illustrations digitally of the characters for the game based on our historical descriptions. They can be either famous people or mythological creatures You might also be tasks in illustrating: * “objects” such as tools, resources/material and animals. Some may be more abstracts phenomenon such as a festival or diplomacy * Environments and background. * Unfinished art assets. * You might have tasks in making icons for the game, such as attack, health, abilities or effects * You might have tasks in making some of the general user interface in the game * In some cases, you will follow existing detailed concept art, in other cases you will create environments or props from scratch that match the general art direction * You will be required to create, and quality assure that in-game assets and environments adhere to technical briefs. * We might ask you to participate in our live streaming events where we show the world our team and game development Requirements * Experience in drawing illustrations with color, lightning and shadows * A portfolio with illustrations that you have made * You can work in a team that includes consultants with limited game development experience * You are open to receive feedback and work with illustration descriptions * You can adapt your art style to that of the game to a certain extent Pluses It would be nice if you have experience with: * Using Unity towards Graphical/visual work * Experience with producing art for video games * Experience making illustrations for card games * Experience with making icons and UI * Experience with making concept art * Inspiration from similar of different games
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