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IPRally is an AI startup solving the patent search with a graph-based approach. In the bigger picture we aim to change how technology is searched. As the AI developer, you get to work with deep learning and NLP. Our solution for building the ultimate search is drastic: we have converted 80 million patent documents into our own graph format. This has created a unique data set that requires novel deep learning approaches. We are looking for ambitious AI developers who have experience with deep learning and can work with complex software projects. You will be working with the very core of the company: the search algorithm and the open questions like the following: * How can we exploit the graph structured data even better? * How can we use images? * How can we create deep learning based graph parser for general text, not just for patents? * And what about XAI? The challenge is that just using the existing algorithms and ML models may not be enough with our unique graph data - you get to come up with new solutions and build them in a maintainable way with PyTorch. REQUIREMENTS: * Good programming skills (bonus points: functional programming) * Theoretical understanding of deep learning and related math * Practical experience with deep learning (bonus points: NLP or recursive neural nets) * Passion for difficult challenges (bonus points: demonstrate this with past projects)
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