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3D UX Designer for Green Energy Systems in Buildings

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We’re looking for help to visualize our integrated energy systems in 3D. We want to create a 3D interactive UX for the users of the buildings in which our State-of-the-art climate saving energy systems are installed. Our engineers produce 3D models of our machines and systems - we have prototyped including these in an interactive experience in sketchfab but need help to take it all the way, add AR/MR and interactive journeys and information to the experience. Also we wish to integrate these 3D experiences with our dashboards and mix with live data from our controls and SCADA systems. There is more! We also need to design and tie in the UX with real world heat pumps and energy products with colored piping and lighting design - we call it EnergySpace. Can you help us with all or some of this? Are a you a UX, computational, industrial , game designer or an architect perhaps? You might be the creative profile we seek to join us in this position!
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