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Account Executive (Nordics)

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DESCRIPTION At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are executing fast, enabled by modern software tools seamlessly integrated into a fully automated tech foundation surrounded by streamlined processes that scale. Innovation thrives at companies like that and work quickly becomes addictive. At others, it feels impossible to get things done. No one has an overview of all the software tools being used, who has data access and how does the tools work together. People lose sight of the operational process and everyone starts pulling in different direction – or stop pulling at all. We started Oveo to help companies around the world streamline their operational tech foundation and in turn boost employee innovation, productivity and engagement. We enable employees to engage with the tools they need, when they need them and help management gain full visibility into tech spend, utilisation and compliance for continued optimisation of the operational foundation. Trust and transparency guide everything we do. At Oveo you’ll find a transparent salary model, flexible vacation, minimal hierarchy, and maximum freedom to develop and execute your own ideas. Our style of collaboration is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends… Your role: You believe that software operations should be run differently than it is today. You want to be a part of a team that collaborates and works very hard to realise a vision of a new way of managing SaaS. You want to relay that vision to every other organisation out there. You are not afraid of asking for the deal while at the same time understanding the importance of delivering real long-term client value. You’ll love solving customers problems as much as closing deals. Your level of ambition and determination will be off the scale, and you’ll relish the opportunity to be a crucial part of a team that will take Oveo and your career into hyperspace. * Close a quota of deals per month based on meetings sourced by you, with some support provided by a sales development rep. * Have an ability - and desire - to understand customers problems and sell solutions that solve those problems. * Be ruthlessly efficient at drilling into deal blockers and disqualifying leads that are a bad fit. * Take feedback from customers and funnel it into the product development process. * Construct, forecast, and manage your sales pipeline via Salesforce CRM. REQUIREMENTS * Must have perfect command of the Danish and English language * Experience selling software to clients between 50-500 employees * Experience working within automation software or fin-tech would be ideal but not a requirement * Hard-working, winning and passionate attitude towards work * Excellent communication skills * Tech savvy individual with the ability to learn quickly
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