Data Science & BI Developer

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Want to be a part of the data revolution in sports?

This is a great opportunity to join our growing Data Science and BI developer team. Our team is responsible for the development and operations of both our internal and customer facing reporting and dashboard solutions, as well as our data science and machine learning products. We are focused on making our rich tracking data more actionable to customers as well as supporting our internal product development and operations with useful insights. We also use our data to develop data science and machine learning solutions that enhance our product experiences. In collaboration with our cutting edge radar and computer vision based tracking technology, we are building products used by some of the best athletes in the world.

Example projects we are working on:

  • Reporting for environmental variations between stadium tracking locations based on athlete performance models and statistical analysis
  • Dashboards for trends and detecting outliers in radar tracking and computer vision diagnostics across thousands of remote devices
  • Translating ball tracking metrics into coaching orientated measures to help amateur athletes improve their performance 
  • Supervised learning models to suggest both practice and game play recommendations to make our sophisticated products easier to use
  • Vision based person detection combined with predicting the position they play on the field for game strategy

Your Profile

You have hands on experience working with data day to day in SQL and python, from the fundamentals of loading, ETL and pipeline automation to answering ad-hoc questions from the business and operations teams. You have experience developing reports and dashboards to address the questions that are reoccurring. You are familiar with using a developer tool stack and operating in a scrum team. You also have experience using data science modelling techniques to derive next level insight from data as well as an appreciation for running machine learning in production. Your focus is on the practical outcome and value to the business of using data to inform everything we do. You like working in an international team across many cultures. You like sports.


  • Develop internal and customer facing reports and dashboards
  • Use dimensional modeling to develop database schemas and semantic layers
  • Manage data warehouse data pipeline automation rules, ensure smooth operations
  • Working with our Data Engineers to acquire and prepare working data, initial data cleaning, statistical analysis and mining
  • Interfacing with product owners, operations and developers to refine requirements
  • Identify and perform data science model selection, feature engineering and tuning, develop an experiment based and evaluation workflow, package for production


  • A strong educational background where coursework required heavy use of data and a scientific or engineering based workflow
  • Experience with data processing, preparation, cleansing and mining, in SQL and Python
  • Experience developing dashboards and reports in a BI toolset
  • Experience with applying data science and machine learning methods and move across a variety of unsupervised and supervised approaches, experience with numpy, pandas, sci-kit learn

Working in a fast-paced, team-based environment also demands a certain degree of self-planning, as well as the ability to work independently. Your colleagues are highly skilled, innovative and pro-active in their work approach. They possess strong analytical skills, are good communicators in English, and take pride in their job and deliverables.

Join the home of a powerful sports brand and a one-of-a-kind technology

Our proprietary technology is based on expert knowledge about radar, computer vision, data and software engineering. Our solutions are developed by specialists who endlessly explore and challenge new technical boundaries. TrackMan’s blend of cutting-edge technology, sports and continued growth make our company an outstanding place to work. Our work culture is entrepreneurial, ambitious and rewarding as you get to collaborate with inspiring colleagues and interact with the leaders of golf, baseball and football. Based on a unique brand reputation, we are proud of working in close partnership with the top athletes, organizations and teams that rely on our technology to stay ahead of the race.

We are a Danish company founded, owned and managed since 2003 by three entrepreneurs with a strong passion for sports. Today, we have a global footprint with our headquarter located in Denmark (Vedbaek) and offices in New York, Phoenix, Poland and Tokyo. We are more than two hundred and fifty people worldwide, half of which work in Denmark where most hardware and software products are developed, tested and manufactured.

Where innovation happens

At TrackMan, we know that great people make great products. We believe that teams thrive and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of the exceptional solution. This mix is what makes TrackMan an inspiring company – for our customers and our colleagues.

Share our Passion!

For additional information about the position, please contact HR Manager Lea M. Nielsen at +45 2565 7503. Applications are continuously assessed, so please send your application as soon as possible. If you got what is takes, apply today and join a company with great technologies, passionate colleagues, and great opportunities to grow.

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