Bringing good things together for a century

Wherever in the world you are reading this, an emulsifier or stabiliser from Palsgaard will be affecting the performance and enjoyment of food. For 100 years we have been driven by demonstrating the huge difference these added ingredients can make.

Our know-how makes your amazing products possible

Palsgaard is the world’s only full-service emulsifier and stabiliser company, creating sustainably produced ingredients with specialised performance characteristics. Ours are the hidden ingredients that transform everyday foodstuffs into extraordinary products on supermarket shelves in over 100 countries.

Confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine and meat can all perform better and be loved more with our input, just as their plastic packaging can be made more sustainable with our plant-based additives. 

Emulsifiers and stabilisers allow processed food to behave in previously impossible ways. Ingredients that would normally be incompatible can be combined harmoniously, enabling exciting new capabilities and functionality.

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